Tuesday, January 3, 2006

book to movie to book

i just finished the book "everything is illuminated" by jonathan safran foer, which I thoroughly enjoyed. And then yesterday I was reading through the movie listings for Munich, and I saw that a fim entitled "Alles ist erleuchtet" was playing. Funny, I thought, that's almost an exact translation of the title of the book I just read. And then I clicked on it. Lo and behold, it's the movie version of the book! I had no idea. So today after meeting with my language partner who also studied in padova but is german so we do 20 mins of german 20 mins of english and 20 mins of italian, I went to a small artsy theater in a neat neighborhood i'd never been to and saw the movie. I have to say, on its own it was good but compared to the book it didn't stand a chance, and it left out a huge part of the book and changed a bunch of stuff. But it was fun and I ate peppermint chocolate.

Then I came home and cuddled with the dog and then my host mom read aloud "charlie brown's christmas" to me, because my parents sent me the book as a gift and she wanted to practice her english pronunciation. Then I cleaned my room and finally bagged up all the bottles i've been hoarding because they are each worth 15 cents in bottle deposit, and I feel fresh and clean for the new year. Oh yeah, and Robert Nathenson (friend from highschool) was just in town visiting, which was very nice. We went to the Neue Pinakothek (art museum) on New Year's day which made me feel very cultured. A good start to 2006, I say.

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