Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What I'm loving lately...

This amazing Sesame Chocolate

Baby wearing - especially with my new Mei Tei! (and I also got this HopType - I can't wait to try it out)

Listening to Startup, Reply All and Invisibilia in the shower each morning

Watching Nurse Jackie (how did I miss this show years ago?) (also, how hilarious is Zoe?)

Drinking more water thanks to this awesome Sigg Water Bottle

Playing with Magnatiles (seriously the best toy EVER)

Making all kinds of delicious coffee with my Aeropress and the Aeropress Timer App

Finally finishing up this memory book for Charlie

Testing recipes from the newest HEALTHY slow cooker cookbook from the Test Kitchen

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hello, again

Oh hi again, by the way. In case you didn't notice, I have started to post again! I brainstormed starting a new blog, but this is really my happy place, and I already have a small readership, so why reinvent the wheel?

I plan to post lots of Munich and Expat tips, especially geared towards families with kids.

Oh and one more thing - did you know you can rent our apartment for a Munich vacation? Click over to Airbnb to check it out.

Looking forward to being more present here in the future!


Review of the Fräulein Hübsch Baby Carrier (mei tai)

I'm that person who has a ridiculous number of baby carriers - but what can I say, I love trying different ones and when you have kids, you do what you can to combine your hobbies and your kids into one, because time for both there is not. Recently I asked for the Fräulein Hübsch toddler size mei tai for Christmas - and we are loving it. It has padded shoulder straps and is a half buckle which means that it has a clip at the waist and ties at the shoulders. The clip around the waist makes it easy to put on quickly and the ties at the shoulders give it a large degree of customizability and a really cozy fit.

I also love that they are handmade in Vienna, so right next door, and there so many fabric choices for the head support for when the baby is sleeping or doesn't have head control yet.

Many parts can be customized, for example the width of the under leg portion can be made smaller or larger with a Velcro system. The head support can also be made tighter or looser and both width and length. A smaller baby can use the shorter back piece then you can flip the whole system over for a tall toddler. This is done by reversing the direction of the buckle clasp.

So far we have only tried out the front carry but the back carry can also be done when there is a strap included to make this more comfortable.

I can highly recommend this type of career for someone who is intimidated by a long wrap that they have to tie in different ways. This is a nice introductory piece to baby wearing.

On our upcoming trip to Vienna I plan on visiting the Fräulein Hübsch shop in person!

A great swimming pool in Munich for families

The other day it was bitter cold outside and snowing and we decided that it would be great time to head to the swimming pool for the first swim with our 7 month old.

We do love our neighborhood pool, südbad, but we decided it would be interesting to try something new this time.
A quick S-Bahn ride and cold walk later we were standing at the entryway of the Pullacher Freizeitbad.

The pool area was lovely and heated to a very warm temperature which was great with a baby. There a waist deep pool, a lap pool and an outdoor heated pool that was open even in the frigid cold. There was also a lovely whirlpool which many babies were using because it wasn't too hot.

We spent the afternoon getting acquainted with the water and we had a wonderful time. After the exciting swimming experience Luke fell sound asleep on a chaise and I could eat a delicious Currywurst at the neighboring restaurant.

So if you're looking for a new place to go swimming with or without your kids I can highly recommend the Pullacher Freizeitbad.

Happy swimming!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Easiest Vacation Ever

Last night, we stayed at a hotel. We took a bus with our suitcase, checked in, and flopped onto the bed. Our entire trip took 25 minutes - we live 7 bus stations away!

As a little valentine's day surprise I booked a night at the Holiday Inn Munich South. It was fantastic! We swam in the pool, gorged at the breakfast buffet, and slept like sardines all in one bed. What a fun easy way to "get away" without really having to go much of anywhere! We rode the bus back home in our PJs.

I can highly recommend this hotel for a fun night "away" in Munich - the staff was wonderful, the breakfast was delicious, the pool was warm and newly renovated - and the bar staff made us some excellent cocktails to take up to the room. Check for good deals!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

To to zoo!

Last weekend, we took Charlie to the zoo. We've done this a couple of times already. The first time, he was 6 months old and he slept through the entire thing in his stroller. The last time, we were with the in-laws and we had fun but Charlie was not really into the animals, he really just wanted to pick up rocks and splash in puddles (and at the petting zoo he wanted to pick up and eat the goat poo. Because yes. We prevented this, thankfully).

But this time, THIS TIME, he was so into it. It helped that we took the "correct" route which means not the one that goes by the gazillion intresting animal habitats but the one that leads DIRECTLY to the petting zoo with goats (because, you know, we can't see GOATS anywhere else for 12 Euros a person) and then passes a couple of cool animals before a fantastic PLAYGROUND that also sells coffee and pizza (see: happy parents equal happy child) and then continues on to the FARM ANIMALS area with rabbits and horses and even a guinea pig habitat with a little maypole and other fake tiny bavarian village accoutrements.

This area also has rides, which are cheap and awesome. We took Charlie on the vintage car ride (we rode with him, each of us once, a particularly harrowing experience at Oktoberfest this year taught us to never let him ride a ride alone again. Ever.) We then continued past a few more animals (Charlie could have watched the alpacas and the pigs for ages. He was most impressed that the pigs had a ball. Whenever we talk about those zoo pigs, he makes his snorting pig sound and says "dall!" (charlish for ball).

What comes next at the zoo is the things about Germany that I will always always love and will never understand why more countries don't do things this way. Because, there is, of course, a Biergarten. And not some overly priced hokey zoo Biergarten but a real, authentic, sprawling Bavarian Biergarten where you are, as tradition dictates, allowed to bring your own food as long as you purchase beverages. And the best part, past the delicious beer, is the beautiful and sprawling playground right next to said Biergarten. Happiness for all involved.

After going down the slide of happiness  (as I think Charlie would have named this metal tunnel slide that had him shrieking with joy time after time) we proceeded out past the penguins and the sea otters, and headed home. PERFECT.

So if you are in Munich, and even if you don't have kids. GO. TO. THE. ZOO. (and follow that sign to the Biergarten).

Thursday, May 2, 2013


A holiday in the middle of the week is such a treat. We took advantage by finally dusting off our bikes, strapping Charlie into the new seat, and heading off to the Flaucher Biergarten.

we call this one "Peek-a-Beer"

Beer, playground, sand, baby Lederhosen and Blasmusik. What's not to love?
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