Thursday, June 1, 2006

The way it looks now

I found out yesterday that I am being offered a job at a biligual kindergarten in Munich! ( This is fantastic news because 1) it's a full time job, with full benefits and a guaranteed salary, plus insurance and basically all the rights a normal german citizen would get and 2) this place is really cool, and i am excited to try my hand at something this new and exciting! A pro and con is that my hours are 7:30-2 daily, which is a realllllyyyy early time to have to be there, but being done at 2 is also pretty great. I am currently in the process of working through the paperwork with the kindergarten to get my work visa and residence permit, but it's looking good. I also have an apartment which according to all my munich friends is amazing, in a fantastic place and really cheap—which I didnt quite know when I found it, but now i am pretty excited about.

And I will also be teaching business english classes to adult professionals a few evenings a week, to try to haul myself out of the debt hole from northwestern and/or give me some extra cash to travel around with. Plus, the school is fantastic and they are offering to pay to certify all the trainers under the „Common European Foreign Language Exam" which is exciting. Plus I am currently discussing a possible very part time position on a project with the group where I am doing my internship now, Green City. They are planning some environmental projects with Italy and I obviously am a good resource in this case, with both knowledge and language, plus anything to do with italy makes me really happy =)

Soo...things are looking really good. I am actually planning on booking my ONE WAY ticket back to munich tonight, then things will pretty much be set. I have a fantastic boyfriend named Artur (picture on his birthday, homemade crown!) who is coming to the US in August and will be traveling around with me to my various reunions and peanut butter buying missions.

My exact schedule is the following:

US: July 17th-August 24th

The weather in Munich is...cold. It was warm, for a little but, but now it is cold again, which makes me want to whine but then I look out the window at the mountains and I think ok, if this is the punishment for living with an alpine view then I guess I can stand it, as long as it EVENTUALLY gets warm. I am going with artur to his parents house this weekend in the mountains and we just hear that it snowed six inches today. Ayayay, and we were planning to go hiking...maybe sledding would be a better idea.

I was however in Florence for the weekend at a Unterwasser Hockey tournament and the weather was FABULOUS (35 degrees Celsius) we drove down from munich, a beautiful drive in itself through the mountains and then down through tuscany, and we camped and had and amazing view of the city and played in an outdoor pool. So my memorial day weekend was actually quite similar to yours, only mine involved pasta and not hamburgers, and wayyy more snorkels.

Florence Team!!!

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