Wednesday, October 19, 2005

international name placards...

I find myself again in the fantastically mystical atmosphere of a language class in germany. This time it's in one of the typically run-down university buildings, on the 4th (or as germans euphamistically name it, the 3rd) floor. It's twice a week, from 7-8:30, which at this time of year is truly evening, which causes me to feel somewhat adventurous...i don't know, school at night!

The students are once again from all over the world: two from japan, 3 from france, one from finland, one from russia and one from the czech republic. Our teacher is a lively young (35, maybe?) woman from just outside of munich who seems nice, intelligent, patient and dynamic. I'm excited!

As for real's also going well. I went to an italian course yesterday which was fantastic, i'm looking forward to continuing my italian, although i find it utterly confusing when the teacher clarifies words in german. My head is swimming with languages, ayayay. So it seems I have my schedule pretty much set, and that leaves me with most of my courses on Monday, two on tuesday, just language course on wednesday and i'm done for the week! Don't worry though, i'm trying to fill my time with the usual slew of activities, the latest interest being underwaterhockey...tomorrow i'm going to go check it out.

As for's beautiful! But huge. I'm remembering the way i feel in a big city...excited and overwhelmed but also sort of coddled and hidden comfortably among the folds and fluff of a giant throbbing mass of people, tourists, students, babies, parents, buildings, museums, drinking, eating, dancing and chatting. It's sort of comforting in a weird way...i feel much less exposed as an expat here than in radolfzell or padova, which is exciting but also puts more burden on me to make an extra effort to integrate myself. At any rate, i'm getting to know the city bit by bit and i can already tell that it has a charm that i will miss dearly in the end.

And now, off to bed, cause theoretically i have to have enough energy to play some underwater hockey tomorrow!

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