Friday, February 9, 2007

the terrible horrible no good..

you know the rest. friday was horrible. after being sick all week the kids were out of control and I was in a bad mood. Plus I had kitchen duty, and the dishwasher is crap and the dishes never get clean so i had to soak about 20 plates with hardened on mashed potatoes and then scrub then with a brush. Not exactly what i had imagined as my dream job, but most of the time the kids make up for it.

Then I spent 5 hours looking for a dress for the polish ball tomorrow. And learning polish with my new computer program. I can now say "5 dogs jump". I got upset because i was in a bad mood and sleepy and shopping is rather tiring especially if you have to make decisions like "buy the dress or look more?" especially when you have no money. sigh. these are the great times in our 20s well be happy for later, right? artur is at chess club and im grumpy because chess club is on friday night when i want to have fun instead of waiting for my boyfriend with itunes, paint by number and cocktails. hmph.

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