Friday, June 13, 2008

conversations about the future

Today, i was wearing rainbow earrings. Beaded earrings, nice and long, nice and colorful. Native American style. The kids LOVED them. I had kids on my lap all day, touching my earrings. At lunch, the whole table came over. It was great. In what other job do you have people saying "emily, pretty earrings! can i play with them?!"

One girl was especially fascinated by my jewerly today. Somehow, she associated the attributed femininity with fertility, and blurted out the loaded question "do you have kids?!" The dialouge progressed as follows:

me: oh.. i'm too young
leonie: how old are you?
me: 24
leonie: oh. thats old.
me: yeah... but i'm not married.
leonie: why not?
me:well... i have a boyfriend, but im not married
leonie: would you marry him?
me: well i guess. if he asked me.
leonie: why?
me: because i love him
me: hehehehe
leonie: why don't you get married?
me: hehe. i dunno. he hasn't asked
leonie: well why dont you ask DUMMY!
me: hehe. because. i cant afford a ring.
leonie: a ring! you dont need a ring. give him a flower! i flower's nice. Here, take this one. (gives me a flower)
me: hehe. ok.
leonie: (noticing my hesitance) ok. in five years. but then i get to be your flower girl!
me: ok!

I retold my mom this story on the phone. This was her response:

mom: where can i send her check? we've been waiting for these answers for months!

ah, kids and family. i'll miss my job.

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