Tuesday, June 10, 2008

germany flags, and more

So, the European Cup has begun, and all the Audis, Mercedes, BMWs and Volkswagens are driving around with one, two, or even three Germany flags flapping in the alpine wind. Then there are the bipolar fans. Combinations crazier than peanutbutter and pickles. The classic: Germany-Turkey. Germany-Italy, Germany-Croatia, and of course, Germany-Poland. These "multiflaggers" are the creme de la creme, my favorite part of the flag mania. Showcasing munich's multiculti diversity.

The kids in the kindergarten arent showing quite the same multiculti openness. Today, one kid had brought in a special face painting stick that automatically draws the germany stripes. Try that with the half moon of turkey! Within five minutes the kids were covered with flags. On their cheeks, foreheads, stomachs, collarbones, feet, hands, arms. My personal favorite were those who used the facepainting stick as lipstick, which, due to the black stripe at the top of the german flag, turned them into little mini (ehem) moustached germans. Shiver.

We did have one child come to the kindergarten today with two flags: germany and spain. When I asked her why she was such a spain fan, she answered simply "because it looks the most like the germany flag"

And who says that "Football" doesn't bring the world together :)

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yeah its time for the flags.

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