Friday, April 17, 2009

what to read on the train?!

I really like to read "Tina, die Frau von Heute". It's one of those cheap-o German women's magazines with the tissue thin newsprint and the articles that repeat every month. I find, however, that I can't put it down. And I learn lots of German words, ones that aren't found in the SZ or bild: Hausfrau words. Mostly, I read the recipes.

I am actually currently following the "5 day US Miracle Diat" from a similar publication, "Bild der Frau". which is a strange collections of recipes including "Egg Burger" and Herring in Jelly Salad". Not really US American, but interesting nonetheless. I really just needed a break after the Easter gorge fest at Artur's family's house, and I am now on day 4 of 5. I've already lost some weight and I'm feeling better. And, I am taking a liking to vegetable juice with rolled oats. Every morning, I start the day with a spoonful of olive oil mixed with lemon juice. It's supposed to "encourage my de-poisoning". That's a euphemism if I've ever heard one… At any rate, I've almost survived (and I've learned some new recipes to boot) and I hope that at least my stomach has shrunk so that I'm not hungry all the time.

I highly recommend cheap cheesy women's magazines to all of you Expats who would like to deepen your knowledge of cooking, cleaning and ironing vocabulary as well as read some tear jerking sappy stories of life changing experiences…

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