Friday, November 16, 2012

Turmoil and Decisions

This is Charlie sleeping in a ridiculous position. CUTE no?
I can't stay away from blogging. I feel like I need to blog again and I have been bloghopping for so long that I felt good coming back here and starting to write again! Lots has happened! A short summary:

  • Got a new job as a social media manager
  • worked like crazy, tried to fit job between baby and husband and life with only 12 hours of childcare a week
  • weeped many tears, because job was failing miserably
  • lost job, felt instantly better
  • and here I am
So that's it. I worked, and now I am not working - thanks to the goodness that is the German welfare state I will be receiving at least another 3 months of parent support and then... well that is the question, now isn't it. 

What next?!

I have learned a lot. I have learned that when you have a baby, going back to work is not uncomplicated. It is NOT the same as before. Priorities change. 

I have learned that I love the job of Social Media Management, but I did not like the company I was working for. And that is ok. And also? Trying to work 40 hours a week with only 12 hours of childcare? Not a good idea! (duh). 

We went to the US a couple of weeks ago, and stayed with my parents. And for the very first time in my seven years abroad, I experienced aching homesickness when we came back. I moped around for days after we arrived. I was not happy to be back. This had never happened to me before! What to do?! So we talked about IT. The big it. Moving. And now it is a possible reality. Crazy? Maybe. Walking away from all these benefits and this good life and the delicious beer? NUTS? But another adventure? A US citizenship for Artur? Living near my parents? Shopping on Sunday and Target and Steelers games and little league for Charlie and and and... Yeah, I think we are ready for something like that. 

So there it is. Our life right now. An amazing little boy, a lot of turmoil, varying degrees of sleep, and lots of decisions coming our way. I'll keep you posted right here!

Have you ever moved your family to another country?!?!


G in Berlin said...

I brought mine here and I am about to take them back. It's a bit chaotic. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

We grew ours here, which possibly doesn't count. I've wondered sometimes about taking them to the UK, but I think the culture shock would be extreme, and the schooling is better here, so it's unlikely...

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