Monday, March 25, 2013

A Weekend in Vienna

We spent last weekend in Vienna visiting my dad as he coaches a team at the VIS Moot. (PS: He sings at the opening ceremony. Law songs! Here's a video from a few years ago)

We had a great time, despite the fact that it was FREEZING cold.

We started the weekend by taking the train from Munich to Vienna - a pleasant 4 hour trip that luckily coincided partially with Charlie's afternoon nap.

After we arrived, we checked into the Classic Hotel Wien and then went out for our first Vienna staples - Würstel, coffee with Schlag and Cake. Yum.
 Flea Market/Naschmarkt on Saturday morning. Perusing the stands, oogling fruits and vegetables and the amazing Jugendstil buildings surrounding the area.

 After a lovely dinner of Schnitzel and Gulasch, we returned to the hotel to sleep and gear up for our Saturday. The morning began with an AMAZING breakfast buffet after which we ventured out to the Naschmarkt for the huge Flea Market and market stand perusing. We also snapped some photos of the beautiful Art Nouveau building surrounding the area.

Then, we ventured over to the Museumsquartier for lunch at Die Halle and a visit to the Zoom Children's Museum - unfortunately the exhibit was sold out but fortunately the entryway was filled with giant foam blocks that Charlie loved. Also, Charlie found this adorable little 3 year old girl and decided that the LOVED her and proceeded to crawl after her and hug her at every opportunity he got. It was so so so so so cute. 

After a quick shopping tour in the city (we HAD to stop at Meinl) We had just enough time to walk over the Palmenhaus for dinner. It was the perfect place to go with a baby - they were so friendly, had highchairs and a changing table, and the ceilings are so high that a few high pitched toddler shrieks didn't hurt anybody. And the food was delightfully fancy and delicious! (I didn't take any photos. Too busy Charlie wrangling).

We concluded the evening with a drink in the hotel bar. Perfect!

The next day it was SNOWING. Ugh. So we actually went back to the children's museum, asked to be put on the waiting list, and got into the exhibit! It was called "Ozean" and was SO COOL! Pillows shaped like marine creatures, a fake boat, slides, climbing areas, flags, ropes... and more. Charlie's favorite part by far were the BUTTONS TO PUSH.

We had lunch at a pub and then braved the cold at the Altwieder Ostermarkt to pick out our eggs for this year - a tradition. Then we warmed up with coffee and cake (I swear I weighed a kilo more after I left that place) at Café Griensteidl.

We had just enough time to relax at the hotel before we had to jump on our train back to Munich. What a trip! It was great and Vienna with a baby is totally doable and actually quite enjoyable - even with freezing temperatures.

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