Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Thoughts to get me through the winter

It's spring, right? Wait...

view from my office window

Yeah, this weather isn't doing anyone any favors. Snow, wind, cold. And it's almost April. Here's what's getting me through: thinking about all the fun plans we have coming up!

photo via Kustur Club
The first thing we have planned is a trip to Turkey to this resort at the beginning of May with two other couples. Beach, pool, tropical drinks - I can't wait!!!

Then, at the end of May, we are off to Berlin to visit Nicole one last time before she takes off on her big trip.
via www.paulmccartney.com

In June, we are heading to Warsaw, Poland, to FINALLY visit Artur's relatives and, also, see Paul McCartney live in concert on his first tour date of his World Tour! So excited.

The view from the Lake House!

Finally, in August we are off to the US for Beth's wedding in Virginia (cabins!!!) and a classic summer vacation at my Grandma's lake house on Lake Winnipesaukee.

Thinking about all that fun and sun makes the snow seem not SO bad.

What thoughts are getting you through these last (!!!) freezing days?

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