Wednesday, November 30, 2005

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I have had one constantly repeating revelation in my time here thus far: life is never what you expect, and even when you think you wish something would happen, usually what you never could have imagined or planned on is better than what you originally wished for. In short, life in unexpected and that's wonderful.

I've had a series of consecutive experiences that really have allowed me to throw my trust towards my own fate. Nothing drastic, I guess I'm just supremely happy right now and things keep happening that are adding to that.

Yesterday after class I set off to the Christkindlmarkt am Chinesischen Turm (Christmas Market at the Chinese Tower in the English Garten in Munich). There was the requisite music and I bought a glass of Glühwein to warm up (mulled wine.) I wandered around the various picturesque stands selling things ranging from cutting boards to nativity scenes to knitted socks to...and then suddenly I saw them. Small sleds, the kind you sit on and they are barely big enough for your butt and there's a little handle thing that you hold onto between your legs. I loooked at the price--1.99!! Two euros! So I bought one. And then I finished my Glühwein and walked around and realized...I can't buy just one! So I bought a second. Red and Yellow. They fit EXACTLY in my backpack, which means I can always carry them around. I had tried earlier in the week to go sledding with a friend and we brought cardboard...let's just say it did not work very well.

So I set off with a nice glow from the Glühwein and the victorious purchase, and realized...i can't carry a sled through a park without trying it! So I hiked up to the very top of the Monopteros (see photo here), removed my coat...and off I went. I should mention that the view of the towers of Munich which you can see here (just imagine it with snow) from this section of the Englischer Garten is spectacular. And the sun was just starting to set, and I was all alone, whizzing down a hill and laughing like crazy, because really, sledding makes you laugh like crazy. I got to the bottom and knew I couldn't stop there. After two or three exhilarating runs, I was walking back up the hill and I heard my phone ringing. I ran to my bag, and by the time I got there I was quite exhausted. I didn't recognize the number but I figured it was just a friend so I answered, quite out of breath....

"Guten Tag, Frau Flechtner? Ich bin die Frau Bohle"

Scheisse. These were the people for my internship! Why are they calling me? Here I am, all alone on the top of a hill with a sled in one hand, totally out of breath, jacketless, trying to speak professional german.

"Sind Sie beschäftigt?" (are you busy?)--Frau Bohle
"Naja...ich bin gerade unterwegs (heavy breathing)" (yeaahh...i'm on my way somewhere)

But then, after it all...they invited me to an interview. And INTERVIEW! wahoo!! Here's some info about my potential internship:

Needless to say, I took a victory sled or two. Yelling "wahoo" all the way. It's great to be a foreigner...

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