Wednesday, November 30, 2005

flip flop

I tried to relive the sledding joy again today with a friend. It worked to some extent...we sledded, laughed, raced, raced a two year old, my butt got completely wet, we drank two glasses of Gluhwein, and then I went off to Unterwasserhockey practice. It was actually quite hilarious, today I was carrying around my flippers and my two sleds. I get interesting looks with the flippers cause they stick out of my bag. And when I whip out the knitting on the train....I can't even imagine what they think.

So practice was good, if quite challenging today, and then we scampered off the the Bierstube in the Olympiadorf. I've mentioned the Olympiadorf's a large collection of student housing, consisting of the old Olympic Village. It's quite charming, and as I discovered tonight, it has its own cafe and bier hall, as well as disco, pottery studio, comedy club...the list goes on. The student life in Germany is pretty great. At any rate I had a wonderful Pizza and beer with the UWH team, and headed home. I stopped in Hauptbahnhof to change trains and got a phone call from my friend Vincent, letting me know that he'd convinved one of the heads of MESA, the international student group who I went on the hut weekend with, to get us off the waiting list for the Dresden trip this weekend! Wahoo! I'm going to Dresden, hoorah. It's pretty crazy though, my other options for this weekend were a birthday party and a trip to salzburg, or skiing with a friend from the unterwasserhockey team. Hopefully salzburg and skiiing can happen another weekend.

Now off to sleep off the flipperfeet.

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