Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A great swimming pool in Munich for families

The other day it was bitter cold outside and snowing and we decided that it would be great time to head to the swimming pool for the first swim with our 7 month old.

We do love our neighborhood pool, südbad, but we decided it would be interesting to try something new this time.
A quick S-Bahn ride and cold walk later we were standing at the entryway of the Pullacher Freizeitbad.

The pool area was lovely and heated to a very warm temperature which was great with a baby. There a waist deep pool, a lap pool and an outdoor heated pool that was open even in the frigid cold. There was also a lovely whirlpool which many babies were using because it wasn't too hot.

We spent the afternoon getting acquainted with the water and we had a wonderful time. After the exciting swimming experience Luke fell sound asleep on a chaise and I could eat a delicious Currywurst at the neighboring restaurant.

So if you're looking for a new place to go swimming with or without your kids I can highly recommend the Pullacher Freizeitbad.

Happy swimming!

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