Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Easiest Vacation Ever

Last night, we stayed at a hotel. We took a bus with our suitcase, checked in, and flopped onto the bed. Our entire trip took 25 minutes - we live 7 bus stations away!

As a little valentine's day surprise I booked a night at the Holiday Inn Munich South. It was fantastic! We swam in the pool, gorged at the breakfast buffet, and slept like sardines all in one bed. What a fun easy way to "get away" without really having to go much of anywhere! We rode the bus back home in our PJs.

I can highly recommend this hotel for a fun night "away" in Munich - the staff was wonderful, the breakfast was delicious, the pool was warm and newly renovated - and the bar staff made us some excellent cocktails to take up to the room. Check for good deals!

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