Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Review of the Fräulein Hübsch Baby Carrier (mei tai)

I'm that person who has a ridiculous number of baby carriers - but what can I say, I love trying different ones and when you have kids, you do what you can to combine your hobbies and your kids into one, because time for both there is not. Recently I asked for the Fräulein Hübsch toddler size mei tai for Christmas - and we are loving it. It has padded shoulder straps and is a half buckle which means that it has a clip at the waist and ties at the shoulders. The clip around the waist makes it easy to put on quickly and the ties at the shoulders give it a large degree of customizability and a really cozy fit.

I also love that they are handmade in Vienna, so right next door, and there so many fabric choices for the head support for when the baby is sleeping or doesn't have head control yet.

Many parts can be customized, for example the width of the under leg portion can be made smaller or larger with a Velcro system. The head support can also be made tighter or looser and both width and length. A smaller baby can use the shorter back piece then you can flip the whole system over for a tall toddler. This is done by reversing the direction of the buckle clasp.

So far we have only tried out the front carry but the back carry can also be done when there is a strap included to make this more comfortable.

I can highly recommend this type of career for someone who is intimidated by a long wrap that they have to tie in different ways. This is a nice introductory piece to baby wearing.

On our upcoming trip to Vienna I plan on visiting the Fräulein Hübsch shop in person!

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