Monday, December 5, 2005

minty eyes and other homeopathic remedies

last night my host mom gave me some herbal remedies for my cough that i can´t seem to kick. First of all I should add that I am continually amazed at the incredible concern most europeans show at the sign of a nasty sounding cough. In Italy I was stopped on the street and told to go directly to the doctors if I coughed in public. At any rate, I appreciated the remedies provided by Sigrid, which included tea tree oil salve and some other minty oil thing that you drink. So I smothered myself with the salve, drank a drop of the oil, and fell into bed in a minty herby tingly tired from my trip to Dresden (more on that later) daze. Just before I drifted off, I did something incredibly stupid. I rubbed my eye. ahhhhhhh. Tingly minty breath is nice, as is tingly minty hair or even hands or feet I guess but tingly minty eye is not. If I kept it closed it tingled, if i opened it i got that drastic cold sensation you get on your tounge from eating five altoids at once. I was too tired to get up and rinse my eye out, so i eventually drifted off to sleep, considering the whole time the possible side effects of my eyefreshening mistake. aye aye aye (haha!)

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