Sunday, June 10, 2012

My Weekend

This weekend, we went to Berlin to visit my very best friend in Germany, Nicole! We had the best time - the weather turned out to be unexpectedly awesome, and we were able to walk all over the city visit way too many cute shops, go on a fantastic boat tour, and even watch the Germany vs. Portugal EM game while my parents babysat Charlie at the hotel (they won, although Germany didn't play well). And the train ride to and from Berlin with Charlie was a breeze - he is such a trooper!

Here's Nicole with Charlie (who is getting fed carrots, hence the orange face):

Here are some awesome moments:

Charlie's relaxed train ride, a yarn bombed bike, and Charlie with the Berlin Wall

Fantastic Boat tour complete with ice cream and (ouch) sunburn for me
The striking sites
A convertible ride for my parents with DriveNow, Nicole's boyfriend's car sharing company, and cuddles for Charlie

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