Thursday, June 28, 2012

Back in the Saddle


Yup. So this thing happened. I had a baby. Then I took full advantage of the amazing German maternity leave laws. Oh, and also the further laws that allow me to stay at home for a year (or 14 months.. that's another post...) with my baby. Actually, I am still taking full advantage of those laws. BUT. I am looking for a new job. So tonight, I got out there!

My baby is almost six months old so I dusted off my old button downs (they fit now!) and did some ironing, after which I left my husband with the baby (and a few bottles) and headed to a little old network meeting.

This was something I was so happy to have done. It was one of those things, kind of like a keystone habit, that just sets off a chain reaction. Maybe I didn't meet anyone crucial to my new career tonight, but who cares?! I got inspiration! I remembered how to chat in a business setting! I spend an evening away from my son. All baby steps, but in the right direction!

So now you can find me giving myself a bit fat wine on the couch pat on the back. Because that's how we roll around here.

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