Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Stroller Envy

So I have to admit something. I have a bit of a stroller complex. When I see another mom or dad with a baby in a stroller, I look first at their stroller, then at their baby, then at them. It's horrible! I saw my friend Nicole the other day with her baby, but it took me a full minute to see her because I went through the stroller - baby - person list!

our stroller
our second stroller :D
When we bought our stroller, we had no idea what we would need. Honestly, the process overwhelmed me. There were so many other things to think about - which hospital, what stuff to buy, how to set up the nursery etc etc that the stroller decision just totally completely overwhelmed me. I was one of those (naive! I know!) people who always thought - well jeez these people with these tricked out strollers - so annoying! I don't want to be one of those people. I want something slim and sleek, and the rest of the time I will just carry my baby. You know, like on my back or something. They're small.

Riiiight. Fast forward to now. I totally get it. Strollers are amazing. And having a good one? A godsend. I love walking around with Charlie. It makes me feel free and fit and I totally enjoy it. And now, knowing what I know- I would buy a different stroller. (kinda like everything in life, right? you live, you learn and then you realize you now know how to do it perfectly, only it's over. I would totally kick high school's butt now. btw).

We have the Baby Jogger City Mini. It's THE stroller in the US. I was all smug about being different and all American and wow it fold with one hand. And really, it's a very nice stroller. We like it very much. Except for one thing. Once Charlie outgrows the bassinet (which really he has already as he has to rest his FEET on the outside but I am in "my baby is totally still a tiny baby" denial and refuse to remove it) he will face away from us. Totally normal, right? But it turns out, there are a whole ton of stroller producers who make strollers that face TOWARDS mama. Yeah. missed that boat. And now - STROLLER ENVY.

You see I think that in most of the USA, people drive. They drive their baby, take them out, and snap them onto the stroller in the carseat or put them on the shopping cart. But here? We walk around with Charlie all day!!! I go to the park, to the grocery store, walk around the city, meet friends in the Biergarten - and we don't have a car. So that stroller is the only mode of transport we have. And gosh darnit, I want to look at my baby while shuffling around the city. 

Which leads to - I bought a second stroller. A Quinny Buzz. It's used and we got a great price. But cmon. We have two strollers? Artur jokes that it's like having a second car. Totally ridiculous. It's embarassing, but it gives me piece of mind, knowing that I can look and my baby, talk to him and babble away, on our long strolls.

I hate realizing after the fact that I have made a mistake. I am just that proud. But for now, we are ok with our two strollers. The funny part is, I am starting to get really into baby wearing. We have mastered a number of back carries and who knows, maybe we will even be stroller free in a couple of months? For now, I'll take my double stroller situation and continue to stare at other strollers of babies with families. In that order.

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