Sunday, December 18, 2005

lalalalala, que viva la noche

my dream, to run down an airport runway with my arms stretched out like an airplane, just like Xavier in the final scene of L'Auberge Espagnole. Tonight I watched that movie for the 1000th time with James, my neighbor here in Feldafing (fellow american PPPler). It's still a fantastic movie.

My host mom had a bizarre social gathering this evening consisting of Feldafing socialites and one ridiculous looking dog that my host mom (when the owner was gone) later called an "Ofenrohrputzburste" (basically, a chimney sweep). See photo.

The gathering itself was a bit long and the guests were nice but had some very interesting and adament attitudes about America that I expended a lot of energy fighting back. In general it was a nice evening, and then when they all left I sat around with James, my host mom and my host dad joking laughing and drinking wine. Compared with the guests of the evening, my host family is so laid-back and hilarious, it's wonderful.

Tomorrow we'll probably have a late Sunday breakfast and then I may be meeting a friend in town in the evening, but other than that my day is relatively unplanned. Things are slowly winding down, people are driving off to home--I still have some floppy loose ends, including the questions "where am I going (if anywhere) during my little winter break here?" and "what's my praktikum gonna be?" I have two more interviews on monday and one on wednesday, all of which sound promising and exciting, so I should have the answer to at least that second question fairly soon. As for traveling, i'm considering three options: 1) Visit my friend Juliette in Bordeaux, France 2) Go back to Padova and maybe explore some of Sudtirol 3) Do north Germany. We'll see what I have the time and money for in the end.

It's 3:45am and i'm sitting on the steps to the basement (where my room is) because I don't get a wireless signal down there. I've decided that it is so very often that I go to sleep at 4, 5, 6 or 7 that I'm basically on American time anyways. Some parts of home never leave...

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