Sunday, December 18, 2005

Männer sind Schweine

Ja. That´s a song, Männer sind Schweine (men are pigs) and today I find it especially apt... I´ll leave it at that for now, suffice it to say my host mother is adorable and comforting.

And as further therapie I went with my host dad and Benni (dog) to the biggest sledding hill in Feldafing and met the coolest kids. Two hours of sledding, snowball fights with the 6-12 year olds...and then we built an igloo (my idea) and I fielded a number of questions including "do people live in skyscrapers in america?"

There´s no better therapie than kids when you realize that life is really not as complicated as you think. Not nearly. And then I came back and drank Glühwein with my host family and helped them stuff envelopes for christmas cards and downloaded vince guaraldi´s charlie brown christmas music for them to hear and recited the whole of "twas the night before christmas". It was wonderful.

Tomorrow I have two interviews for my praktikum and tonight I´m going to Munich to watch a movie with a friend and spend the night there. After tuesday I think i´ll become a semi-permanent feldafing resident for a while. It´s very cozy, white and christmasy here.

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