Tuesday, December 13, 2005

testing the limits of sleeplessness

wow. I think I have perhaps never done so much and slept so little. Here's a wrap-up:

Friday--to bed at 2ish, up at 6 for interview. Interview went well, found out i'm going skiiing on saturday, into town to buy ski pants and and up going out with group of americans. home at 2

Saturday--up at 5 to meet Tobi and other friends to go skiiing in Austria. Drive to Austria (sleeping the whole way), rent skis, try to keep up with the pros and do alright, especially enjoy my two hour break playing with Elias, Tobi's 5 year old son. Here's the two of them:

Sunday--Well wait, we have to continue with saturday. At this point i'm completely exhausted. And then I realize I have to get up at 4 if I want to make the 6:30am train from Munich to Strassbourg for the Unterwasserhockey tournament. I'm sick of taking the early trains so I message Gregor to ask if I can sleep at his house in Munich. I go but there's a party for MESA staff so we go and end up staying till 5:00a,m. Head back to Gregor's, gather my stuff, head to the train. Meet Brummi, we both sleep the entire way (he was at skiiing the day before, too)

Sunday cont...--Play Unterwasserhockey, lose the first 4 games but win the last 11-0 (including a goal from me!!), get driven to Karlsruhe and hop the train back to Munich, home at 1. Sleeeeeeeeeeeep

Monday--BUT have to be at class at 10 which means getting up at 7:30 ughh the suburbs. Go to class, find out I didn't get my internship, break down from exhaustion and disappointment and cry (for the first time in three months though...that's better than at home!). Decide to give up on the day, get comforted by my host mom and sleep for three hours. Eat dinner, back to bed...12 more hours of sleep and here I am at the breakfast table, I THINK back in the real world. Today I've got nothing to do but go to Tollwood Christmas festival with the Unterwasserhockeyteam. Here's a (fuzzy) photo of those at the Strassbourg tournament:

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