Friday, January 23, 2009

long live the blog

So, it's 2009, and I'm currently studying for exams (why?? why work and study at the same time?!?!) so I need a distraction. MY BLOG! So I'm doing a big push, and I need your help. Because, well, I admit it. I'm a total novice. I am looking for connections with other expat Munich bloggers. So far, I have discovered Lucid in Deutschland, American Expat in Deutschland and Coffee from a Cardboard Cup. Who else can help me discover?

Thanks, Lucid, for your great link list... I am working my way through the Bayern section.

Until then, a few photos that have been collecting digital dust in the hallows of my computer.
I have posted this before, but it's worth a replay. This restaurant in Munich has, as its logo, a lovely graphic of the "dönertier", the "döneranimal". I guess if there really was an animal made out of slices of various meats stacked on a metal stick, topped with tomatoes, onions and garlic and roasted to perfection, it would look like this. ICK.

SHINY CAT IN SAUCE. Sold in Munich Stachus, at the pet store. Delicious.

Artur armed to fight the Ikea gods to the death.


Pastor St. John said...

I read your blog from time to time. Here's my list of Munich centric blogs...

Have a great day!

David said...

Great blog!
I searched for AUTOBAHN and got to this site.I read it all in a morning at job (real good job!) :)

Greetings from Portugal!

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