Friday, January 30, 2009

In Germany on Twitter

If you're a twitter user and want a daily bit of Germany-- my observations, tips, tales and links-- follow my on twitter at @ingermany

Get ready for your daily dose of cyberschmaus

Here's a sample:

ingermany In Germany theres a song called Dschinghis Khan that goes "Lasst noch Wodka holen denn wir sind Mongolen" (go get vodka 'cause were mongols)

ingermany bakeries sell "hawaiian" soft pretzels covered with melted cheese, ham and pineapple

ingermany you have to insert a euro coin into a slot in your shopping cart to "unlock" it -- you get it back when you return the cart

ingermany three ring binders don't exist-- they only have two rings

ingermany cell phones are called "handys"

ingermany cold cuts, horseradish, sausages and weißbier are all part of a normal breakfast

ingermany people eat marmelade-filled doughnuts for Carnival--as a prank, they are sometimes filled with mustard instead

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