Wednesday, January 21, 2009

World on Wednesday

Another "structure" update. On Wednesdays, I will show the world, or some snippet of it, from my corner in bavaria. Today I have two clips from German papers.

The first is a cartoon from "Die Welt Kompakt"

Barack is stuck in a jungle of "Vorschuss-Lorbeer" or a german term which mean, literally "advanced laurel" or essentially "praise before the fact". To escape from this jungle, cartoon Obama is asking for a Machete.

My second peek at the world is an article of a miracle on the water (another one, after the amazing Hudson river plane landing)

The headline reads "fishermen survive in a cooler". Yup, that is a giant cooler and two normal sized people, fishermen from Myanmar to be exact. According to the article, they were the only two of a 20 person fishing boat to survive its sinking, living inside the bathtub-sized cooler and eating fish pieces and drinking collected rain water. As the article notes, "they must have been really thirsty, because, our sources inform us, one of them drank four whole glasses of water when he was rescued." After 25 days... go figure!

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