Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hobbes and Hobbina: Tiger Costume Tutorial

So, the decision was made: Calvin and Hobbes for Carnival. But Artur didn't want to be Calvin: he wanted to be Hobbes! And so did I. So we settled on being Hobbes and Hobbina.

Here's a tutorial for my version of a tiger costume.

First, we went shopping at a second hand shop, and bought bunches of orange stuff, including this lovely 50 cent fleece hat:
This would become our tiger tails. First, I cut the hat in half down the center:
Here comes the lazy part. I am not a sewer--i don't have a machine, or the patience to sew very much! So I just took a piece of orange yarn and wrapped up the tail:
it worked like a charm. Then I split the black pom pom in half with scissors and secured it to the tail by wrapping the two tightly together with black thread:Here's my end result!
Next, I needed to assemble the ears. To do this, I chopped off the ends of the tail so that I had two rectangles of fleece. Then, I cut these rectangles in half to form two squares.

I folded them along the diagonal and sewed them up (this is as far as my sewing goes..).I flipped them inside out, stuffed them with a few cotton balls, and voila! To finish them up I sewed Artur's onto an Orange banana and mine onto a headband:
Then, I took my orange smock and cut in to form a more "stylish" cut, and drew stripes on Artur's pants and my smock. Then, all we had to do was get dressed and paint our faces like tigers. Voila! Oh what fun! What do your costumes look like this year?

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