Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kung fu fighting the Märzwinter

I recently read the following advertisement for the "Ninja Umbrella" (pictured below)

Everybody Was Kung Fu Lightning

Rain: Ninja. You are but a mere mortal and no match for my powerful torrent. Do you surrender?

Ninja: Ah, Rain. You are a most worthy opponent and teacher. But I will never surrender.

This is what I need for Munich's March weather. There is apparently a weather phenomenon called Märzwinter bringing the ridiculously cold temperatures and miserable cloudy melty slushy snow blizzardness that has been the last two weeks.

We are currently suffering under the reign of the low pressure system named "Herbert". That's right, they name them here. Maybe it's just Germany's way of dealing with the bad weather. At any rate, it turns out that they've been naming their high and low pressure systems since 1954. At first, all the high pressure systems got male names and the low pressure systems got female names. But then the feminist groups got (rightly) riled up because the bad weather systems were all female, and now the naming procedure alternates yearly.

Also, you can adopt weather systems for your special someone here complete with name and information packet. Too bad valentines day is over.

At any rate, bad weather like this is an excuse for EVERYTHING. Especially not blogging. Or tweeting. Or not making Sauerbraten (guilt!!). I will, however, be venturing to Südbad today to try our their aquafitness course. I have developed a liking for water aerobics.. I'll let you know if that amps up my life motivation, but until then, I will still grumble about the weather.

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