Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Weird quirks that I have developed while living in Germany:

  • Irrepressible need to take off my shoes and change into house shoes when entering my or someone else's home
  • Penchant for cold cuts for breakfast
  • Need to frequently "air out" a room
  • Frustration at trains and subways that are more than 2 minutes late
  • Answering the telephone simply with "Flechtner" instead of "hello"
  • Constantly carrying cloth shopping bags with me
  • Giving exact change when paying for anything
  • Buying overpriced Sunday night wine at the gas station
  • Checking grocery stores and discounters for their weekly specials and, when I find something I like, buying it all right away. After all, they won't have it anymore in 24 hours.
  • Buying every piece of outdoor wear possible. Yes, I have a rain suit.
  • Using the German keyboard and getting frustrated when I'm at home any I keep typing Emilz and crayz!
  • Getting a headache when the alpine wind "Föhn" is blowing

I'm sure there are many more. What are your "weird Germany quirks"?


Michelle said...

Ah so true!

A couple others...

1) I have started referring to almost every non-food purchase as a 'system' or 'solution' because clearly you don't buy things just for the ha-has! All purchases must address a problem!

2) I don't like buying 'systems' or 'solutions' without a 30 minute consultation on the pros and cons of every option, feature etc. Germany has created self-shopping insecurity in me.

Wedding Diplomat said...

@michelle. hahaha. Maybe that's why germans like Ikea so much! it's so true. Everyone's an expert!

Zgadgeter said...

Not sure this is a German thing, but getting up on Sunday mornings to drive to the bakery to get fresh Broetchen. Is that one?
It' difficult for me to identify them as i've lived here so long now.

Wedding Diplomat said...

@zgadgeter... sounds like it to me! although in Munich, you would be getting "Semmeln".. :)

Where are you based?

Zgadgeter said...

I'm in the Cologne area. Previous Army Brat!
Hey, I went to the University of Maryland, Munich Campus back in .....1981! It was fantastic, dorms and all. Munich is fantastic.

vailian said...

Terrific list! I had forgotten how "un-American" my habits have gotten.
I can add:
Sitting down to have a pee (men only, of course..)
Driving a car only about once a month (otherwise it is walk, tram, bike, or train)
Not even imagining trying to go shopping after 8 p.m. (or on Sundays, for that matter)
Taking flowers or a bottle of wine when you are invited out.

well, the list could go on I guess but that is what occurs to me spontaneously

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