Monday, March 16, 2009

Root Soup - Wurzelsuppe - Real German Cuisine Challenge

Welcome to the fifth week of the Real German Cuisine Challenge! After Semmelknödel mit Pilzen, Rahmgulasch, Käsespätzle and Apfelstrudel, his week was an easy, straighforward (and nutritious!) soup from the Schleswig-Holstein region (far faaarrr north). Get the recipe here

The whole thing began by measuring out the ingredients. Thank goodness for my scale (and here's a glimpse of the ugly but taste German "Celery" which is actually celery root.

And everything sliced
This is me. With my leek. My big giant leek. That inspired me to play baseball. Maybe I'm homesick... but in the end, i'm a pittsburgh gal... we're steelers fans, after all.
Everything got tossed into the pot, and cuddled up with some sizzling butter for five minutes or so. Then in with the stock, on with the top, and I let it simmer away! I used those cubes of veggie broth... (gasp!) because I just don't have homemade stock. Does anyone have a good easy recipe that I can freeze?
Then the whole thing went into my beautiful Philips blender (a birthday present from Artur). The thing doesn't shoot the blending stuff into the air like most, instead it makes a lovely blending tornado. Look! And it has lovely blue lights, kind of like the blender version of a VW Golf.
The a nice glob of Cremè Freiche and some dill and... TADA! Easy monday dinner. I used frozen dill from the grocery store to garnish... a great alternative to always buying (or raising) your own!

BTW, I met Christina from Amiexpat and her lovely husband and adorable son last thursday (on her birthday, what an honor!) and it was lots of fun to chat with a fellow blogger! We talked about German TV and the school system...two favorite gripe topics of mine. Perhaps a future blog post in the making...

Next, I'll be telling you about my spring project for the apartment: a balcony veggie garden! (perhaps some fresh dill is in sights..)


Stephanie said...

your soup looks yummy than mine was! Maybe it was the creaminess of yours compared to the chunky soup I had due to my blender's inability to get the job done!

Wedding Diplomat said...

@stephanie: I thought your looked tasty! But perhaps it was a bit lumpier. The dab of creme fraiche and the herbs also made it look even yummier :) Garnish takes away the babyfood quality. But it tasted yummy, right?

Paula & Skip said...

Hi, I am not fond of root soup, but I like an American living in my home town while I am over here in the USA.Enjoy reading your blog and certainly will pass by again. Schoenen Abend noch, Paula

Anonymous said...

I make this type of soup all the time and love it! Great photos! For veggie stock you can either buy a brown jar of powdered bio Gemüsebrühe and replace the contents with refill packets (find it at DM) but it does contain a lot of salt, so..

Here's what I use to make 1 gallon homemade veggie stock use this ratio:(a) 1-2 lbs of vegetables in a 2:1:1 ratio of onions, carrots, celery. (b)1/4 C white wine or dash of vinegar and (c) spices/herbs in a package: 8 peppercorns, 1 tsp thyme, 1 bay leaf, 5 parsley stems.

Baby food quality is reduced by adding the extra step of pushing the mixed soup through a sieve using the back of a large ladle. This gives the soup a velvety texture by removing the rooty material.

um, I'm hungry!

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