Monday, March 30, 2009

Pharisäer Coffee Cocktail- Real German Cuisine Challenge

So, back on the horse. After skipping out on last week's challenge, I managed to raff my self together this week to conjure up the delicious north German coffee-cream-rum treat.

The story of this drink(recipe here) is cute, legend being that the North Sea Germans, fond of coffee but especially fond of rum, thought to mix the two and used whipped cream to hide the sin from the town priest. I, myself, think that whipped cream is sin enough, but apparently it pacified the preacher until he discovered what was hiding underneath all that froth. The townspeople were then denounced as debaucherers with the exclamation "you Pharisees". This is actually a very interesting if not a bitsy bit un-pc remark. See wiki's article: here

My drink was a non political version, and it was easy enough, except that whipping cream is quite a feat for me without a mixer. I managed to splatter it everywhere although I like to think that I burned off at least some of the calories.

I brewed up some delicious espresso in my lovely Italian Caffeteria bought from the market in Padova during my study abroad time there, mixed it up with sugar and then topped it with my hard earned whipped cream.

As an added beautifier, I used a small sieve to dust cocoa over the top. Deeeeelliiiccious. Artur thought so too!!


Stephanie said...

Your coffee looks delicious! I think that you used just as much whipped cream as I did! YUM!!!

BTW - how do you make coffee in your espresso maker? I recently acquired one - but haven't used it since I was living in Luxembourg during college.... and yes - it was that long ago that I forget how much coffee to use!!!

Wedding Diplomat said...

@stephanie... deliiicccous whipped cream. I even licked the bowl (oh yes)

I absolutely love my Caffeteria. all you do is fill the bottom part with water, the middle part with coffee (it looks like a weird funnel) and pop it on the stove at high heat! When the coffee has bubbled up, it's done.

I use high quality espresso and it tastes delicious. If it's too strong you can add a bit of hot water, which is what I did for this recipe. I usually pack the espresso maker full, but you could also add less for a weaker espresso.

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