Tuesday, November 20, 2007

drilling in the afternoon

My artistic inspiration has been somewhat dulled lately by my lack of sleep and the onslaught of children's cold and flu germs. So today after work I turned out all the lights and law down in bed for a midday nap. Not five minutes after I started to drift off, I was ripped out of sleep by the vibrations of someone drilling in my building. If you live in an apartment building you know what I mean-- when anyone drills into any wall connected with your wall, youre whole apartment shakes and it is just as loud as if someone were drilling next to your bed--if not louder.

The worst part about it all was not the drilling itself but its intermittent nature-- it would go on for two, three minutes, and then stop for just long enough to let me drift back off to sleep--only to start up again, punctuated at some points by some lighter hammering and sanding. Not helping the situation was the biting cold draft that was blowing through our leaky windows causing me to roll up into a tiny ball of warmth under the blankets. And then I realized what all the drilling was-- they are changing the windows in the building--but they won't get to ours till next spring.

I gave up the napping after a while and started to work on the 50 example test questions given to us by my "Globalisierung: Wirtschaft und Politik" professor for our test in two weeks and eventually decided to slip on my winter boots over my sweatpants, grab several cloth bags, and go grocery shopping. Oh, and I forgot to mention: my Handy (cellphone) died on me today, so it's time to use my Christmas bonus to buy a new one. The highlight of the evening was Artur finding a stone in his rice. A stone! Somehow, it just wasn't one of those days...

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