Tuesday, November 6, 2007

why does it always rain on me

...and on my chocolate croissant? i bought a delicious one at Olympiazentrum this morning on my way to work. It was meant to rip me out of my sleepy cold morning grumpiness. It was certainly mouthwatering... with real chocolate in the middle, not that imitation nutella stuff. But then it started downpouring, and my the time i reached the covered island in the middle for bus 173, my pastry and my pants were soggy.

I ate it anyways. I would need energy for the kids today.

The kids were pretty good, though, and with an exception of the usual sand throwing, nit picking fights and water spillage, everything went as planned. I ironed fall leaves that the kids arranged between sheets of waxed paper and pasted on the windows. It made this grey day look a little cheerier.

Next invention: tiny umbrella for tiny breakfast pastries. or maybe i should have just remembered my own...

current music: why does it always rain on me, travis

1 comment:

Dizzy Dee said...

That croissant looks delicious, unlike any I've seen in South Africa. I saw something similiar in Mauritius - A croissant with chocolate chips, and it was delicious.

As for the wax paper leaves - thanks for the idea, I needed something to do with my two nieces :)

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