Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Food Buy: “Provencal Wildlachsfilet” from Aldi

For my fellow Germany residents, I present the first of hopefully many "product reviews"... so that, in this jungle of foreign food, we can find what's good...

This beautiful piece of herb-encrusted salmon is from Aldi: cheap and kitchy (but somehow loveable) Aldi.

But it’s certified by the Marine Stewardship Council, and it only cost 4,99€!!!! For 700g of Wild Caught Pacific Salmon.

This is what it looks like frozen.

Here it is, in its aluminium foil “boat”

The verdict: DELICIOUS! Moist, flavourful, fresh, and no bones. A big bargain that I’ll have to rebuy. Plus… it was so easy. Oven on, fish in, 40 minutes later I had a meal. I served it with rice cooker rice pilaf (sautéed scallions in butter in the pan, toasted the rice, added water and hot sauce, mixed in chopped fresh dill and chives at the end)

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